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hikikomori! - thexking lyrics


[intro: ???]

[verse 1]
have fun playin’ with that f*ckin’ male stripper, oh
you’ve got noth’ to say oh, you’re f*ckin’ garbage pale b*tch
you tryna say oh, you ain’t even that high
you hidin’ in yo f*ckin’ room, smoking all the d*mn time
you get so high mate, you gonna die soon
usin’ doordash twenty*four*seven like it’s your only loyal one in life
ain’t got no f*ckin’ grades oh, no more f*ckin’ grades oh
got no f*ckin’ grades, you a f*ckin’ dumb tardy b*tch whose fake
oh, no more grade, no f*ck it you fake, oh
you wanna call your boyfriend like u ain’t usin’ him
you fake as f*ck, rip to noah like he ain’t no bum
i won’t fake another word, let me say somth’

[guitar solo]

[verse 2: xking, ???]
f*ckin’ up a tribe called quest, it’s thеir stage name
you gettin’ high likе you a f*ckin’ d*mn prostitute
you ain’t no dracula, but you definitely a d*ck rida’
f*ckin’ the same names like you a pedophile on tinder
headshot in the head, no more givin’ head
being sl*tty ain’t a new trophy yet
you gonna be your sister when you grow, onlyfans blowin’ up
no more jerkin’ off, just gettin’ f*cked up
livin’ sh*t life, livin’ the fake life
livin’ your life selling your body to others online
you’ll never be nothin’ more, no one expects others expect any more
you’ll f*ck another, you’re just a thot daughter
o* o* o* o* o* o*
o* o* o* o* o* o* o* o*
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
my god, o* o* o*
o* o* o* o* o* o* o* o* o*
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my g*
[guitar solo]

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