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lirik lagu 3239 smiley rd. – things fall apart


when i drive by i see some things that couldn’t be further away
a place where every emotion i’ve ever felt was created
a vision of a happiness i once had
the hallways echo with the laughter of my siblings and myself. permanent footprints of love and comp-ssion experienced over all of those precious years

memories of home are now only fragments
born under water, very little have i heard from my father
i didn’t know this would affect me later in life, but i wish i could have fixed it

all i wanted was for you to be happy
and to this day i will never know why you left him
i try harder every day to be closer, but there is still a missing piece
a piece of the puzzle that should connect everything
that piece is gone, that piece is forever gone
and now i wonder through life wondering what is right and what is wrong
without guidence its truly hard
now barely a word is spoken
i long for the memories i once shared with you
those memories faded into nothing, those memories have faded into nothing
the spirit of my youth continues to walk the halls
a constant reminder that things weren’t alwas as sh-tty as they are now