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lirik lagu heavy heart – this deafening whisper


i’ve taught myself to believe in nothing
i’ve never put my faith in anything but me
but now it’s clear, that i need more

how could i be a beacon for the m-sses?
how could i guide a soul as i lead the way
unsure and biased by my atheist pride ?

my heart is heavy and my eyes are welling

face down; i watch this spring becoming a river
splitting the earth in two

and there you were,
bled out and naked
freed from the purity
that your wings used to convey

should i believe in you?
or should i just
should i just run?
it took an angel’s touch
to heal and breathe my faith back in

and as i stare at your half-masted halo
i finally realize, that my eyes can lie
you may just be a side effect to this drug

a hallucination or divine enlightenment
but only a fool would doubt such a gift
disbelieve is a breach

against all odds and logic, i chose to believe
that there is still light in this darkness i’m in
against all odds and logic, i chose to believe
that angels could only be the sign that i needed

make me a believer, make me a believer

show me now, convince me now
find me, pick me, lift me, save me