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lirik lagu 101 (bars) freestyle – thrill young rafeikehz


*police watching us*
*it look like the mafia*
*if you try us*
*your face will look a lil sloppier*
*ain’t nothing stopping ya*
*but this 38 clocking ya*
*all way back*
*back when you were popular*
*now i’m copping up*
*robin jeans with the back pockets*
*ak with the beam*
*or a black rocket*
*if money not the topic*
*why my face in a black stocking*
*ready to rob any n*gga on a back block*
*it’s 4900*
*we been selling crack rock*
*two big guns*
*we stuff in the stash spot*
*philly in the summer time*
*cause it’s pass hot*
*you can catch him slipping*
*then you can see his ass shot*