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lirik lagu 2 up – titan uno


young. black. educated
with a. f*kin degree
and a short temper for disrespect
so keep it g, or quit f*kin with me
i’ve been like stevie to bullsh*t, but i hear the talk, no i gotta go see
cause they callin me king
and i can’t crown myself
but i’m holdin the title for ransom with me. (get it)
so i, do what the f*k that i want
and i say just what i feel
couple a folks in my ear
tellin me chill
but b*tch you ain’t payin no bills
two middle fingers to ceils
emotions, thoughts and appeals
yea that means f*k how you feel
keepin two flat
solid, one hunnid, & trill
since y’all don’t know what real is
u n o feel like the man
yea b*tch i feel like the man
i’m never workin on credit
i need all a mine in advance
put all my cash in my hand
lately that’s my only plan
stack it all up and then scram
screamin shazam
then disappear like houdini, chris angel, or mr. chapelle
that’s just how i am
i tried to leave it alone
but they insisted i claim me a throne
long as it comes with a couple a queens
and a team and a dream, and a couple a homes
been up in golds
so my verses are strong
couple a chickens been taggin along
they say i’m a dog
but f*k it, as long as they comin to me with a couple a bones
we g. (we g)

got lost found a whole new me
nigas turned left
got a whole new team
rode a new wave, to a whole new sea
scream radtalk
cause that’s still my peeps
and you don’t wanna f*k around with my things
or imma pick you off
like you stuck in my t**th
ignore all the buzz
and let em all be
and let em all be
and let em all

(chorus) [2x]
talkin that profit
if it’s anything else
then it’s probably nonsense
every song that i drop
imma battle to top it
they let a niga get plugged
now i’m burnin down sockets
start a fire then, whoa

i’ve been croppin the competition
now they look microscopic
been out a sp*ce with the martians
in orbit f*kin with rockets
my time is forever timeless
so i use it for profit
cause climbin my only option
so i can’t ever stop it
i tried to give up the music
people won’t let me leave it
a 9 to 5 soundin stupid
and quittin too f*kin easy
took a little from cupid
and fell in love with a breezy
then lost a little a me
when it went sour
but now i’m peachy
now i’m back on my bullsh*t
i’m back on my grind
keepin ten down
so no bendin my spine
too busy, to meditate, but i’m tryin
couple rolled up so a niga too fly
green in my system i feel like popeye
am what i am so quit askin bout i
do what i do, get it done when i try
d*mn, you would think that i was signed
i’m the man, i’m the sh*t, i am guy
disagree, prove it, my only reply
been way too faded to dance or to drive
so i’m two steppin, and catchin a ride
barely could see where i’m goin man i
probably know if i open my eyes
but i’m too faded to keep any open
so when i sit down i be here for the night