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lirik lagu 3 people – to be anything…


they made a tv show
about three people living in a house, together
and each of them had their own
kind of music, they liked to play together
several of their instruments
were cracked and out of tune
from years of misuse
but they tried their best to get along
they tried to play some songs together?

the wealthy friend played a guitar
and laughed about the poor
he said they were always knocking
at his door (like trick*or*treaters)
wearing funny masks of illness
and holding out their hands for candy
but he reminded them that it was november
and turned on his sprinklers

the complacent friend played the piano
and sang songs about earning his life
and how his coworkers, made it harder
to get any sleep at the end of the day
and he was always in pain, so he ranted
about his doctors fixing his legs
‘cus his casts always got in the way
of the labor he was doing to pay for his casts

the outsider played the computer (yes, she did)
she knew how to give up on people
and she walked out on them and they died
one from dependance and the other from stress
too bad she said, they could’ve been great
like some kind of band
but the way he played the other man
and how the man played her
was draining and it was never worth it

they made a tv show
about two people living in a house together
one man lived while the other
picked up his trash
and ate it to survive