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lirik lagu 24 hours (bonus track) – toby $pades


24 hours in a day
24 hours in a day
that’s enough time to say hey

[verse 1]
look i’m just tired of this bitter world
i’d rather die a bd (diabetes)
than beat myself for a sweeter globe (tooth decay on me)
what’s the price for the gold
the ring diamond plus the platinum
is it more than your goals
youll need to introduce an ambience from all of hoes
cuz see the world don’t hold
anybody in protection
it’s recommended you reconcile
deep within yourself
record a record about your health
then call your family up
ain’t seen my lil bro since like 0 17
and i ain’t seen my older sister man since i was like 17
been counting severed dreams
a couple dead homies
and a life about the bill
so what is real
should i ask the pastor
knowing he gon judge me
instead of being above me
always jumping to conclusions
the goal was never the bungee
n*gga burn me
cuz every time a child is born
a man is k!lled
but if a child dies
tell me does a man live
(think about it)
the world is filled with rules
and they say we should all abide it
but turn your head around
they screaming out f*ck the rules
rules were meant to be broken
highly outspoken
no devotion
like before
cuz see we lost 24 (rip kobe)
and instead getting coroners
we got served corona
now the whole world is begging
mother nature to forgive her
i hope she oblige
i got so much sh*t to do
many plans
many tapes
many projects
many dates
lotta love
lotta cake
lotta drinks
lotta green
gotta f*ck the world over
i was never celibate
but i’m still building on myself
so can’t own me like a real estate

24 hours in a day
24 hours in a day
24 hours in a day
that’s enough time for you to say hey