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lirik lagu 40 years – tone damli aaberge


don’t even know what you’ve been doing to me
i’m seeing colours that n-body has seen
i’m falling over myself just to be at your window
i’m painting pictures of your beautiful face
i’m dropping everything to be where you say ‘hey’
holding you closer to me couldn’t be any better


i want to feel this every day
i’m gonna live to hear you say
that you want to stay this way forever and ever and always
steady as the clock tick tock this heart’s not stopping
for the next 40 years

if the world keeps turning, we’ll keep burning
for another 40 years

you think you’re hiding how i’m making you feel
and you’ve been acting like you’re made out of steel
but you’re …in the morning
you make me smile when you are saying my name
it feels like heaven won’t you say it again
i think i am ready for the greatest ride of a lifetime

repeat chorus

and in 10 10 years, we’re gonna fight,
but in 20 20 years, we’ll be alright
after 30 30 years, we’ll be looking at each other saying how about another 40 years…