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lirik lagu assist – tony yayo


uh yea g-unit

[tony yayo:]
if you ever try to blemish my character
for notoriety shooter’s i’l clap at ya
crib full of decorated wall paper
living in the spotlight homies tend to hate ya
sandstone ferrari with the 4 seats
su’s rendevous the top put her on the streets
she a barbie in a barbie’s world
2 blunts rozay lil mama hurl
the trap bringing in all that cheese quick
58, 58 the size of cheese nips
2 goddesses like charlie sheen
dion cherokee cause they -ss is mean

[chorus x2: tony yayo]
it’s all love when we in the club
keep a super shooter with me, kevin love
steve nash that b-tch show the homies love

throw a n-gg- -ssist n-gg- love is love

i’m still fly motherf-cker, suicide motherf-cker
s-x so high i glide motherf-cker
i don’t walk, i don’t talk these hoes no what the biznes
i f-ck em duck em they suck me and then i ditch em
catch me on the rebound hoe, rodman
southside n-gg-s with the goons and the goblins
special with the k like cereal kellogs
the lick chopper kick like ling won sickkaa
n-gg-s talk but they don’t live with the world say
i leave a n-gg- stretched right on the curb yay
you make the wrong move betcha i ali ya
making money off that white boy, bieber

[chorus x2]