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lirik lagu never lie – tony yayo


el chapo
huh, but i’m back man
it’s the unit, yayo
i am the streets y’all n-gg-s know what it is
keep sleeping on the under dog

[verse 1:]
wiz said that his checks look like phone numbers
well my checks look like overseas phone numbers
throw a b-tch out the hummer like hoochie
it’s really a uzi cause jack boys feeling loopy
on my grind like jamaicans with that arizona
european whip, amsterdam aroma
my short term goals is a vicky model
my long terms 1’s swiss acount with zero’s
bad meter, the b-tch bad
similiar to vida guerrero and that chilli peper peta -ss
2 11 jag aqua color
roll that aqua man up ducking undercovers

[chorus: x2]
i swear i’m never lieng on my dead n-gg-s
i just f-cked 2 hoe’s off twitter
stack chips, stack figures
i never lie on my kids or my n-gg-s

[verse 2:]
free remy, free boozie, free t.i
p home he did 3 4 dilly
gun laws change, 3 years of top
now they tryin to give you 4 for the stashbox
i’m like tiger woods
i’ve got 5 birdies, 1 eagle, 2 boogies
that’s that golfer talk
i got them dope fiends nodding off
i do donuts in the porsche when i’m slidding off
cartier buckle, cartier gl-sses
i got a blackberry that’s full of -sses
i slide in a blackberry milasis
roll the cherry pie now i’m high like nasa

[chorus x2]