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lirik lagu all for love – too $hort


“all for love”
(feat. silk e)

i give a little… i take a little
i give a little, i take a little

[too $hort]
i can’t be sober, cause i smoke weed a lot
tried to be faithful, but i like to cheat a lot
you couldn’t even trust me, cause i used to lie sometimes
i’ll say i love you, but not until i get mines
i tried to have one girl but i flirt too much
i know exactly what to do to get her to f-ck
baby i promise, you’re the only one for me
you know you want this, you always have fun with me
but not tomorrow, cause i got another date
if all the little girls, would just do what their mothers say
i wouldn’t be a player, and shoot ’em with the facial cream
i used to manage my love like a baseball team
i had to have a good line-up
put ’em in rotation when they sign up, a whole lot of v-g-n-
i even had a farm camp, where they’d get upgraded later
can you hang with the players if you make it to the majors?

i give a little… i take a little
i give a little… we do it all for looooooove
i do it all for looooove

[too $hort]
can i change? or will i stay the same?
will i be serious or keep playin games?
tonight, i’m tryin to see the light
is there a woman in here that wants to be my wife?
i want a family, i got a lot to give
i want children, but i ain’t got no kids
i wanna love you, but did i wait too long
it took smiles and tears to make this song


[silk e]
here’s why we don’t hear sh-t while y’all pleadin your case
your fingers crossed behind your back and a smirk’s on your face
with million dollar dreams fallin in and out of your neck
what’chu want us to do, we girls, we ain’t playin with a full deck
we expect some of the bullsh-t, so we play along
it’s wrong, the game of cat and mouse, you hit and you gone
now we ‘sposed to feel sorry for the big bad wolf
find him f-ck him with no condoms – the game come from the crooks
how would it look? a queen gettin played by a rook’
be your baby momma by evenin, can’t have that on the books
d-ckmatized, with s-x faces in the d-boy stance
effervescently sellin me dreams of circ-mstance
how i need to be a team player – i’d rather be the owner
why get with bein a boss to be some work on the corner?
you’re huntin for the next hot -ss before the club close
how you lookin for love if all you run with is hoes?


enjoy the ride baby
we smokin good, we ridin clean
and you in the mix wit’cha o.g. potnah too $hort
we ’bout to get back on that pimp sh-t right now baby!
still blowin!

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