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lirik lagu 40 days n 40 nights – tory lanez


lord bless the umbrella boys
ya know, sometimes i wanna argue with these n-gg-s
then i go to my ?, she set the balance
it’s ova

huh, i’m talkin’ 40 days, 40 nights
all a n-gg- got is got up on his hopeless nice(?)
40 to homeless, tryna find an open mic(?)
coapin’ up the open public, rollin’ with his open stomach
fiends on the work phone, hex on my otha jack
said she come home, but she don’t know that i need the sun is that
i ain’t even comin’ back, i’mma be all night
sun up in the stomach, said it’s gon’ be a long night
i remember dark nights, always, all white
scheemin’ like ‘might get that rarri with the fog lights’
i’mma be all dawn, black statues on the lawn
no stress when i was gleapin’ on the matrice at my mom’s
momma died and now i’m sleepin’ on the matrice all alone
and the o’s of three n-gg-s i ain’t even know
when i had my early swimmings, it was barely even snow
og’s sell me ?, they don’t barely even know
dd got life and shoakes got life
moan and brooks try to flee but they both got locked
sh-t was real on the feel, i’m stayn thru the great fun
pour a fifth of henny for my n-gg-s doin’ state time
n-gg-s tryna keep the shine from me?!
i’mma take mine
been the underdog so now i’m goin’ ova state ground
i pray to lord i neva drop dead
if i show up in that drop dead, foreign with the doors pointed
at the top ledge, i’mma bodge
lil n-gg-, big body, i been out the porch
now we neenin’ marcus, we ain’t gotta shop for ?
fast for the bottles that we came and got the charge
life change, dice games
she just snap a photo for that light fame
and i was selling quarters for that ice chain
until i found god and my life changed

sittin’ on the block right now, unknows tryna get ya
a n-gg- need a car right now, way more than eva
smokin’ on strong i been goin hard all day long
sipping on henny, i don’t even know where the day gone

i’m feelin’ like i’m the realest n-gg- out in the six