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lirik lagu 4am flex (skit) – tory lanez


nyce: a-yo stop the car bro
tory: n-gg- what? yo your bugging
nyce: pull over bro
tory: yo my n-gg- for what? the hospital is right up the block
nyce: my n-gg- f-ck that i’m good bro
tory: yo, so what you want me to do bro? drop you at this f-cking corner?
nyce: bro just, pull up right here bro
tory: you bugging my n-gg-
nyce: i’m good, i got a spot right around the corner, just get home bro
tory: alright n-gg- 1

tory: where the f-ck is my phone? she better pick up, please be awake.. a-yo h-llo?
tory’s girlfriend: what?
tory: on everything i’m on my way right now, i’m speeding over there just please stay awake
tory’s girlfriend: alright..
tory: sh-t alright, i love you
tory’s girlfriend: i love you too