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lirik lagu stripclub las vegas (bonus) – tory lanez


stripclub las vegas (bonus)

[verse 1]
she bad n-gg-s know that
slim waist with a -ss so fat
im in the club spending racks on racks
gotta really cute smile and the tats on her back
she know what a n-gg- wanna do
money up f-ck what you’re going through
doing sh-t them other hoes won’t do
got the body of a goddess and its all on you
baby show me what it is when you come around
i can take you to my crib let me put it down
lil’ mama got them eyes
i’mma do her right

this is for the strippers
gon’ head and tip her [x3]
came with ya n-gg-s
gon’ head and tip her [x3] [x2]

[verse 2]
she bad i don’t wanna touch her
slow down shorty i don’t wanna rush
throwing money in the club on the hush baby
b-tch i can get to know get know ya
lets go let me show ya
everything that i wanna do
you heard what i said
you’re body would look dope in my bed
so baby bring it back to my crib
and i promise shawty it can go down
we can go downtown
cause baby you know