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lirik lagu 59th interlude/pre-k – toure


(59th interlude)

early in the morning i’m that lil n-gg- on the corner
i got my name that way, opp got shot n-gg- walk down the wrong block should’ve never came that way
n-gg- fresh got set up, they k!lled my big brother
wish he never made that play, but they gone feel the pain
sh-t i’m make em pay, sh-t i’m make em pay
sh-t this is the life, n-gg-s get caught in that system and be in that district tonight
sh-t he was a rider was just rolling round with his choppa but that n-gg- snitching tonight
he use to get b-tches but that n-gg- b-tchin tonight cus thats how it get in this life
while he in his cell i hope he get with a knife and n-body send em a kite
sh-t i started selling crack cus it was cold in the winter and i wanted 1200 for the moncler
man i know some hatin n-gg-s and i told them hatin n-gg-s i’ma motivate them n-gg-s while i’m not there
man i told the hatin n-gg-s i was top tier, i’ma show them hating n-gg-s that i’m top tier
i done lost so many n-gg-s i can drop tears
they k!llin all of my n-gg-s how can i not care
i don’t feel safe in vegas they k!lled pac there
so it’s bullet proof trucks while were out there
and i wish a n-gg- would while we out there
man i know that it’s some hood n-gg-s out there
man i hope a n-gg- good while i’m out there
man i know a n-gg- good while he out there
man i always feel safe when the glock here
hard head never listen i’m a rock head
you can smell a n-gg- cookin up the rock here
j h left hand can’t stop there
chris paul step back i’ma rocket
when a n-gg- take off can’t stop it


i was trapping go from a to b just to make em c
bad b-tch she gone take the d while she taking e
she from southwest so right after we f she gone take the g
and that sh-t made her her like that sh-t made me me
i pulled up i got h i with j he just got the k like f-ck these rappers
you give me the word i get em out the way
man anyway f-ck the industry b-tch i’m in the streets
i love this money n-gg- over p-ssy l m n o p
a quick response if you stay true to you i’ll give you the v
if you ain’t guess b-tch that’s q r s and that’s t u v
pull up in west i sh-t on my x i’m like why you z

guess it’s cool you ain’t the only that’s sleeping on me
i guess it’s cool you ain’t the only that’s sleeping on me
i from philly when it’s cold i keep that heater on me
some nights i can’t sleep with all these demons on me, me
gotta bean on me

came from nothing i turn 1 to 2 before i got with you
almost had 3 when it was me and you, you say i’m not 4 you
plead the 5th, i ain’t selling sh-t i ain’t from the 6
you know that young from the 7 and they always tell me sh-t
like bro you great, he make sure i’m safe, he make sure i 8
i had that 9 on the 9 for like 10 days straight

i guess its cool if you ain’t from the sh-t then you cannot relate
i guess its cool if you ain’t from the sh-t then you cannot relate

don’t want no squares in my circle cus it’s gone f-ck up the shape
please don’t test me, got the dessy with the triangular face
all these diamonds make em feel the pain but i’m still the same
i’m at rec with the tangled chains b-tches know my name
i might pull up to the pentagon i got that patek on
i want that a p that b-tch octagon man all my opps is dying
like f-ck a cop they can’t stop the grind, they can’t stop the grind
like f-ck ya set and f-ck ya color n-gg- don’t get out of line