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lirik lagu as above (feat. riley hodges) – town destroyer


this curse runs through my veins
has there ever been a purpose to the pain
throw away the day
too heavy of a burden to sustain

still standing
i’ll let the memory
still standing
i’ll let the memory fade

now call this dead weight
chained to the ankle
you were overcome by blood l*st
never again ever again will i stare into those eyes i loved
liar found drowning in the blood between us

love lost
if there was ever a heart to cease from beating

upon cover to cover
i flip through as if unmoored atrocity on chest
i slide in gutters feet greased hands deceased
try it to try how far can i dry my running nose till i hear that kitty cry
a meal for both sides

the only constant that’s become apparent to me
is that a life spent
is a life spent in misery

still praying for the end
still praying
praying for the end