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lirik lagu 47 seconds of sanitycount your blessings – toxik


the winter starts
the summer ends
bringing back the pain
streets in the summer
are warm at night
it’s easy begging change
but when the cold air comes
and your hands they freeze
the night it breathes last sleep
cringe from the frozen wind
the end starts to begin

count your blessings
won’t you?
god’s eye is still on you
times p-ss won’t last
you’ll see!
your fate is here with me

the normal life i used to have
a dream from yesterday
kids and wife, i had it all
i worked and then i prayed
but taxes rose, we lost our house
after fifteen years, goodbye
on the earth alone within
the end starts to begin

now i have lived here on the streets
an eyesore for mankind
a product of society
the average urban refugee
my story’s one like a thousand more
tomorrow like the day before