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lirik lagu intro – tp-filz


(6415 on dah bih)
let’s make corrections
(jib ahaa)

since a kid, looked around, crew up
in some hash realities
fact is i knew i’m rich, tho all that was in mind
gat some opportunities, saw em distractions cause they didn’t brings out
best of me
moms wanted me graduated universities
she knew i gat capabilities but ambitions!! god puts in me is to be certified on streets, followed my heart, lost so much
hurt so many people around me
cause u couldn’t understand, what’s
running in me, give u grace over that
sorry with pains i caused baby
if i didn’t explain myself in full, i’m an artist u know, i’m trying my all to makе it for our fam, bringing tears to heart, teaching to go hard
still on thе way tryna make it, left u out with a newborn
get ass in cages, under corrections, cought up
it’s a hard knock
love all how bout jib?
where do u think i’m at bro 3*2*2
let’s hear it, went like dis when i’m locked up, yoh, yoh, vrrrr pah, pah, pah, pah
(dig det)