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lirik lagu run it up – trace. & mello


oh, if i could tell me, we get what we deserve
oh we get, what we deserve


[verse 1: trace.]
they keep tellin me to work less and party more
but ain’t nothing coming out of my life being dirt poor
cuz’ i’ve been broke my whole life, ain’t nothin’ come of it
i’ve been struggling my whole life, i’m tired of it
but you’re too focused on the motherf-ckin’ money bro
that you don’t know the feeling of having nothing when you’re coming up
so when i get it you’re d-mn right i’ll f-ckin’ spend it
drop 100 on some foreigns, he’s about to go and rent it
i’m workin’ hard for things that i have, and b-tch i’m running too fast i couldn’t keep up with cl-ss
so do i dropout and just sit there and just watch my dreams p-ss or take my chances as a test and pray to god that i p-ss?
money couldn’t change me, it’ll all remain the same to me
then they’ll get where i’m coming from
all they focus on

(money, money, money, money, drugs, drugs, drugs drugs) x4
the existence, the physical universe is basically playful. there is no necessity for it whatsoever. it isn’t going anywhere. it doesn’t have a destination that it ought to arrive at. but it is best understood by the -n-logy with music

[verse 2: mello]
f-ck it imma run it up (x2)
money in my blood all i think about in benjamins
came up from the mud, all i think about is descending again
i keep it runnin’ up, all i’m gonna do is winnin’ it
money is my drug and i think he’s gonna beat my hand
alcohol keep me tipsy sippin’ whiskey
drugs make me feel like i’m whippin’ in a 10 speed
girl, she got a party, b-tch that don’t impress me
parties were the reason i was sleeping on the money
ain’t it funny, how they all see it?
these children watching rappers f-ckin’ up and wanna be it?
hangin’ around the town where everyone knew the gangs were
sold a couple grams now thinking we’re in gainsville
but it’s all good, yea it’s all new, it was just weed, f-ck now it’s c-ke too
money got him stuck in the cell, he eatin’ cold food
d-mn i f-ckin’ wish you would’ve listened when i told you


all they focus on (money, drugs (x2))
f-ck it imma run it up (x2)