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lirik lagu smoke break – trademark da skydiver


[verse 1]
take a glimpse into the good life, fast cars, loud pipes
potent weed with no seeds, burning at the red light
limo tint on the whip, i’m out my mind and out of sight
cruising down the strip, burning dro sticks like dynamite
i’m so high, touching the sky, i might fly tonight
kush bags already packed, i’m ready for a flight
once i leave ain’t no turning back to the sober life
p-ss my b-tch the gar and the trees cause’ she rolled it nice
she pulled it tight, inhale, exhale, what is smoking like
she said it reminded neon lights and purple kites
velvet ropes, champagne bracelets and yellow ice
she p-ss me the blunt, i hit it once then hit it twice
now i’m in the state of sedation and i’m feeling right
stopped at the store for another gar and a can of sprite
on my way up, the diver ain’t afraid of heights
i rolled up in a parking lot, i guess i did it out of spite