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lirik lagu maybe – trappytrap


[verse 1]
i know you thinking deep
i know you up
i know you got my message
i love it when u tell me all your problems when you stressing
i love it when you looking all kute in all them sundresses
always making my day you a true blessing
i love yo smile , you young & well educated
maybe one day you can be my lady
sometimes i just wanna call you
like baby
what you tryna do today
we can go ice skating
gotta remind everyday that you so amazing and
we ain’t talked inna minute
i be missing you daily
that shyt is just so f*cking krazy
f*ck it imma shoot my shot like tracey mcgrady
waiting for your text back
maybe just maybe
if u givе me a second chance it will bе worth it
i know i ain’t perferct
only god perfect
just give me time kuz im slowly progressin
i was outta pocket somewere down the line you ain’t gotta be all defensive
deep talks big paragraphs thats us
baby girl just trust
you got my trippin in yo startdust
do you feel the same way
are you searching for love
are you tryna get cuffed
[are you]
that sh*t krazy
just emotions all bubbled up
that sh*t is tough
but i wish you nothing but the best
you can hit me up anytime
il answer yo text
if u need me anytime il be there in sec
if you feeling down just let me make up yo day
im thanking god he sent me yo way
you a true queen
you can’t blame me for my trying ways
you really different
thank you for the birthday wish
let me take you on a date
or is it to late
just glow baby
shine like a star bae
if you feel the same way tell me now bae
let me fix yo heart let me be yo band aid
(if you feel the same way)