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passport - trdee lyrics


lyrics from snippet

sh*ttyboyz sh*t
grab your passport, we finna—

grab your passport, we finna leave the states (we out)
hit her from behind like i forgot to use the breaks (ayy)
i ain’t givin’ up because i got too much at stake (i do)
he be actin’ iffy, i can tell that he fake (fake ass)
sittin’, peepin’ vibes like i got ho to take
see your girl won and now i’m hip to why y’all go together
only thing i care about is chicken, where my lemon pepper? (where it’s at?)
he ain’t got no money, baby girl, you could be doin’ better (hе broke)
if worst come to worst, i’m ready and prеpared (i am)
we all live to die so i ain’t never livin’ scared (nope)
probably ’cause i got that stick, i’m visually impaired
i can’t be a lame n*gga, i’d rather go to jail (i can’t)
go to school, get your education
if you really put your mind to it, ain’t no limitation (you hear me?)
rockstar on the stage like it’s graduation
cappin’ on them songs, you should call your album fabrication (capper)
in a different country, my…

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