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lirik lagu 123 (blac youngsta) – tre pierre


b*tch, shut up

foul on the play, man, these n*ggas can’t ball
ware her ass out on the way to the mall
ball too hard, need my face on the wall
louis v checkerboard [?] pink dolphin
shots like a bar like, “you be here often?”
my smackdown raw, i’m stone cold, steve austin
money talk, n*gga, you can’t even much mock me
fn 57, i’m a motherf*ckin’ marksman
thinkin’ i’m green, you gon’ end up white chalkin’
not personal, it’s business, get shot in your office
i give her my kids, her tummy full of orphans
smoking exotic turn up my endorphins
book her a trip and go straight to the ‘telly
you take her to eat, i put d*ck in her belly
i’m bathing ape down from the jungle, i’m fresher
this sh*t gonna move, ain’t gotta touch, i’m a tesla
f*ck on a muslim, she straight from the mecca
what’s brackin’? what’s poppin’? my bloods on your schedule
do you really really want beef with a devil?
smoke a n*gga broad day, then watch the dust settle
why i would trade out a bird for a feather?
why would trade out k for a shovel?
when i k!ll his whole clique, they gon’ need a he*rs* hummer
so we may bring that fire, it’s gon’ be a hot summer
i got the ties to survive in the jungle
i been in the prime with the apes gettin’ money
when the fetti on line, then sh*t could get bl**dy
i put it on your mind or i put it on your stomach
you choose, i got her brain and you got her confused
i think you n*ggas, you got me confused
go play with your kids, don’t play with this dude
’cause you could get bloosed
yeah, hit up young mally, he get straight to the business
that tool in your mouth like a motherf*ckin’ dentist
i’m posted on the prentiss with a four and half
and a fist of blue benji’s, you know how i get it
ride with that rocket, i feel like james harden
f*ckin’ this b*tch on a whatchamacallit
i got the b*tch on her knees on the carpet
i’m k!llin’ the p*ssy, i bought her a coffin
hopin’ you keepin’ the score when we ballin’
f*ckin’ this lil’ b*tch i met up in starlets
my b*tch, she gon’ hate me and love me in the morning
i’m just young motherf*cker like norman
cpr, shawty the life of the party
i keep me a mac like i’m straight out safari
this a cold world, n0body ain’t warm me
wait, i mean n0body ain’t warn me
i come from new orleans, i keep me a 40
got beat like i’m 40, i keep me no worries