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lirik lagu house of cards – trevor hall


so here i am now
another difficult round
and it’s tough to swallow
but i shall push on
onto tomorrow
sometimes it rains
and sometimes it pours
and it’s coming down my baby
down to the floor

i guess you got to know the target before you aim
i guess you got to treat pleasure and pain the same
if you’re lonely darling sing my name
i shall follow your voice through the sun and rain
times are getting crazy baby
times are hard
i shall not lose strength
i shall not lose heart
pick up my bow and arrow now and shoot for stars
i shall never fold my house of cards

some people try
they try to rob your heart blind
they try to control your mind
telling telling you that everything is fine
but i won’t be the fool
i come from a different school
where my mama is mighty
where she dances and rules
so give me any mountain
and i shall climb
climb to its peaks and kiss the golden sky



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