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lirik lagu gone – trillville


go ahead and buck den,stop trippin actin like u scared to buck

u can buck if u wanna buck mothaf-cka (git gone) and be an example fo da mothasuckaz (gone gone)

[repeat 3 more times]

[verse 1]
i really ain’t givin a f-ck and even if i did,still wouldn’t hesitate to split yo weed,pop back
at a wimp like ??
through da pure -ss magic i disappear in traffic,a lot of folks gon hate cuz dey know i’m a fool
and dey know i’ma sh-t,i finally git out da school,if i spit out da tools,i’ll spit out da
bluez,don’t bug it and confuse,i will not lose,i come through on shoes and why 2 hoes choose,on u
know who,i have no clue,i just do wat i do,i just know wat i know,i’ma tell u once n-gg- don’t
f-ck wit bo


[lil scr-ppy]
[verse 2]
straight leggin up on folks wit da dubs or digits,i’ll hit yo -ss so hard,feel like tearin
midgits,man wat if u say u don’t like me,but i don’t take(?) and threats so likely,i’m a g,take
it to da streets,its about to go down when i pull da heat,if u can’t stand ma click u can kiss ma
-ss(kiss ma -ss)f-ck around make ya jump inda gr-ss,but dat ain’t it and dat ain’t all,ma name is
scr-ppy i love to brawl,gots to say dat i’m a hard head,got best inma blud cuz i’m a third bread


[verse 3]
we bout to crank it up city to city,let me know if u wit it,if da girl is pretty,could u show us
some t-tties,if da hoes are silly,if da hoes are dilly,put da hoes to a coast where dey(?)in
business,i’m a country legend ga i’m reppin,i pull ma weapon,dat girl ain’t laughin,she blew ma
brains, b-tch do yo thang,got da p-ss-y befo i knew yo name,most n-gg-z are fake,most n-gg-z are
hate,dey can’t wait,dey try to take wats on yo plate,wat u thank dis is must not thank dis real,i
pull da steel,don’t u think yo cap can’t get killed