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lirik lagu the hood – trillville


[lil’ jon:]
ladies and gentlemen, i’d like to welcome you to the life and times of trillville. now ill be your guide on this here journey. its ya boy lil’ jon check’n in. and first up, im’a let my n-gg- dirtymouth holla at ya.

we can take it to the streets n-gg- if ya got beef. cause ain’t no ho in me im’a knock out ya teeth. while you fake -ss n-gg- keep talkin sh-t, i’m in your d-mn house with your girl on my d-ck. i’m the realest motha f-cka when it comes to makein hits, so shut the f-ck up fore i bust ya in your lip. the street lights on, so you best to go home, its gettin late for ya as i shine up the chrome. aiming at ya dome buck shots rang im deep off in the game when the n-gg- bide his pain. niiga f-ck the fame im’a roll and gets the dough, my name ain’t doughboy so dont be tryin me like a ho. i’m not your average joe that ya see every day, i rob, steal, and kill just to get my -ss paid. i shine like a blade, on the old school. a n-gg- act a fool if a n-gg- break a rule. for real

[lil jon:]
dirtymouth spittin’ at ya b-tches and n-gg-s. expecially talkin to you fake n-gg-s out there. youknow, real reconize real. and fake n-gg-s always wanna hate an sh-t. you haten n-gg-s we gonna find ya. we gonna seek ya out. holla at em’ don p.

i know for a fact you ain’t ready for the streets. you suckas rain on this concrete. you fall to the ground just a splat to my feet. you sound wrong n-gg-, go home, you cant compete. they try to be elite, they watch t.v. they try to imitate, and thats what make em’ fake. cause the hood ain’t actin, n-gg-s start relaxin’. thinkin’ they can live in this world without packin’. shop at janet jackson, n-gg-s still laughin, at how we broke it down, like a motha f-ckin fraction. two trasaction, and wasnt no body askin, until you ran your mouth like a motha f-ckin f-ggot. and ain’t no variations. n-gg-s still haten, but i guess i hate too because i hate the music they creatin’. ho’s that they savin, bands that they maken. whoever else that like em, so i hate their fan bases. yeah!

[lil’ jon:]
ya see a n-gg- like me, i’ve be all around the motha f-ckin world, all over the place, all over this b-tch. and you notice haten n-gg-s everywhere you motha f-ckin go. theres fake n-gg- everywhere you motha f-ckin go. but you know what, them fake n-gg-s make the real n-gg-s that much more stronger. tell em’ l.a.

look, you ain’t ready for the streets. and you claim to be hard, but you weak. a bad b-tch and you sweat at you beat. the only thing you probably touch, was her feet. you beat your meat. now, picture me im servin. get ya -ss up to block, it ain’t workin’. you dont want a trill n-gg-, you close your curtians, you need to take your -ss home, and thats for certian. gimme the b-tch, hard like a d-ck ready to f-ck. you ain’t take a sh-t, we gonna bust a nut. with the steal, some n-gg-s do it for a meal. if times get hard then you gearin up your grill. for real. the hood man, where a n-gg- live, and i aint trippin man cause thats all i have to give. sh-t, and maybe your n-gg- is stronger, and i get it, thats the reason what a n-gg- stay ballin.

[lil’ jon:]
hey, and ain’t no n-gg-s ever gonna stop my paper, never that. never n-gg-, you know what i mean? i’m out here on my motha f-ckin hustle everyday. but i ain’t sellin dope, but im sellin these beats and sh-t. rhymes and all this bullsh-t. i’m sellin this cruck energy drink. and im sellin all kinds of sh-t, n-gg- im sellin cds, dvds, whatever you need. and my n-gg-s trillville, they always gonna get it motha f-ckin real.