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lirik lagu 13th apostle – trim


[verse 1]
yeah, they ain’t getting any closer to god
i make it h-ll for mc’s
and brung apostles to watch
f-ck walking in my shoes
they couldn’t fit in my socks
they’re all scabs, i’m just picking them off
crisis, they must be sick of my songs
‘cus i’m sick
and i don’t fit in a box
got ’em p-ssed ‘cus i’m still on my job
i does this, while they’re hoping i flop

[verse 2]
the features don’t lie
they hate that i’m the sh-t
and never needed no flights
they don’t want me to think i’m cold
and i don’t seem to know why
i’m in the whip, they don’t see me go by
[?], so, never needed your time
and if you don’t know me then you don’t really know grime
the kid’s grease
you won’t believe what i’m like
uh, the features don’t lie
i’m hungry
[verse 3]
yo, i’ll make you happen
they’re still selling your dreams
in the [?]
i’m a nightmare
lord sith with humanoid fiends
hybrid, using telekinesis
while she drives stick
and makes fun out of whoever i beef with
got ’em puzzled like, pick up the pieces
it’s uncle, shout outs to my nieces
stuck to the beat using my sh-t for adhesive