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lirik lagu 10-4 – trip rexx


girl you so bad, like godd*mn
know you in your bag, that’s a big tote
when they see you walk past they say “godd*mn”
almost make me feel bad that you on my arm

she get what she want
and i gotta give it to her cuz she drop it low
when she tell me what to spend i’m like “10*4”
when she tell me put it in i’m like “10*4”

[verse 1]
wow, i just hit the finger roll
like norman powell, make her shout when i’m in it, whoa
she screaming loud, hush i’m tryna shoot a video
just buss it down, cuz that booty look like dinner rolls
on thanksgiving
swear my thanks given to you every time i hit it
check out my bank roll, think i might just split it with ya
since you a real one, b*tch i’m tryna get you drippin
like you a sink, go to saks 5th with no limits
big mink coat, just like a disney villain
my lil ting need to look like cruella deville
cuz i’m a pimp, might just pull up in the coupe deville
got her driving stick, i’m the only one behind the wheel
[pre*chorus 2]
man she bad, like godd*mn
know you in your bag, big louis tote
when they see you walk past they say godd*mn
almost make me feel bad that you on my arm


[verse 2]
uh huh, i don’t usually take orders
but i, i do what she say so
yessir, i don’t know what it is about her
nuh uh, it’s like she put me on pay roll
and since she pretty i might put her in a range rove
we sitting pretty, girl don’t trip this sh*t is paid for
let’s get too litty off that hennessy and indica
in different cities you ain’t think that you was finna go
cuz you just never know
might wake up here and end up going to sleep in tokyo
already know no matter where we go
you the only one i see i gotta let you know