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lirik lagu wait a minute – tu mane


wait a minute
so.. y’all n-gga, gotcha wait for a minute…
there is no rules, yea.. i mean it…
and i ain’t rollin’ with em gimmicks..
said i’m gon k!ll you.. yea i did it

verse 1
so, y’all gotcha wait for a minute..
i gat some rules, know your limit…
ain’t rollin’ with f-gs.. gotcha k!ll em
snitches… don’t stay where i’m .. the heat? i’m gon bring it
n0body b-tching.. l!cking, where i’m in
got a couple dollars.. that we spent in miami
you own crew know gang they wanna be with
but they pretend.. like they not willin’
i be running all this f-cking neighborhood.. for a while..
your only daughter.. that you trusting.. yea, she’s here by my side..
and i’m no wanna be.. your own g.. knows that i’m a god
no pretense.. wait for it n-gga, i’m coming really fast

know your way, n-gga
my whole plans cool, and its legal
but yuh crude.. yuh illegal
straight behind bars.. like you kodak..
everyday, i’m getting colder
you own b-tch.. snitch.. help scold her
my glocks coming.. and you fold arms?
dis-ssemble you.. from head to shoulder

mane, i’m mad.. with flow
turn you to a shotput.. be happy n-gga, we going for a throw…
i rule world, i rule.. el.. zee know..
f-ck with me.. i leave you all green.. guess you glo…

so, lemme come down to your level..
all i’m saying is fofo, special
your trynna match up to my level.. wait.. you n-gga.. i’m strick back.. call me chris wayne.. i’mma tell you
i roll with gods.. like i’m
i roll with self.. i’m mad..
so, if i roll with self.. and no body above me.. i’m the man

c0ker better wait for this n-gga..
i’m two main with the flow.. i’m bigger
your best trapper.. sounding like beginner
i’m no rookie in the game.. can feel that