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lirik lagu 10:10 (my place) – tuck


home alone
9 dot
been a long time since you came to my spot
almost 5 months locked in the crib with you telling me about all the s*xual tension you got
and the tension ain’t the only one thick
call a uber or a lyft you can take your pick
glad neither one of us got too sick
cuz you all good now and you boutta get good d*ck
what you give me once i’ll give twice back
you ain’t wait this long for me to cut slack
i can read your mind give it up in real time and you know it baby trust that
ima kiss your stomach
rub your back
take those pictures girl wear my cap
tag my location show them where you at
pack a month long bag you don’t need to go back

and i’m
now it’s
and i’m
come on over to
come on over to
come on over to

and get lit with me
i got good wine you could sip with me
more than enough l’s you could clip with me
both legs wide open thats symmetry
giving me the best brain so brilliantly
i love the way you love me so willfully
so sk!llfully, so blissfully
call that p*ssy the game f*ck the industry
binge watch what you want
order some food later on
then try on every thong that i bought ya
reteach you what i taught ya
unless you wanna be the author
but it really don’t matter what it is we do
cuz girl i’m only positive that i want you
and you can test it
lay your ass back while i stretch it
always gonna know how to finesse it
baby it’s….

and i’m
now it’s
and i’m
come on over to
come on over to
come on over to