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lirik lagu lonliness is the price to pay – tvbuu


man i’ve been locked away so long
my soul is boiling in this pot
i’ve tried to keep myself together
but depression makes me rot
and if you do not understand this
then you can’t follow this plot
my life is like a f*cking noose
you kick the chair
then watch me drop
lay me inside this box

i’m lonely
i sit in my home
i sit here alone
i’m drinking this bottle
straight to the dome
i slip in my zone
i said i would stop
that was a lie
i just wanna die
i sit in my room
i lock all the doors
and i cry
then curse at the sky
really don’t know
why i go
i feel like my life is in a cycle
i feel recycled
cut off my vitals
i do not care
to fight for survival
pieces of sh*t
my darkest secret
locked deep inside
i hope i keep it
you wouldn’t see it
so just delete it
these people ask my name
i repeat it

sit around these stupid m*th*f*ckas every day
that never understand a word that i be saying
they just ask me if i really mean it when i’m saying that i am feeling sad
i just tell them nah man i’m just playing
cause they wouldn’t understand
look at me like i’m mad
all i ever really wanted in my life was a hand
and a mom and dad
and somebody in my life i could try to vent to
no more sinking in the sand
i am cold
& i am alone
where are my friends
man i do not know
my soul it is froze
they have locked me deep inside of my home
don’t know where to go
all i want to do is sell out some shows
and tour on the road
i am bout to explode

all i wanna see is hoes
all across my floor
pulling up drunk
every single show
wearing tiny ass clothes
with the black panty hoes
put a collar right around her neck
she wanna get choked
wearing all black
take her round the back where i’m at
put it in her back
toss her on the wall then i snap
cause the devils back
if you bite me
imma bite back
m*th*f*ckas wanna go war
well imma fight back
coming straight out of h*ll
my soul i will sell
i spin her around like a carousel
as i parasail
out a pair of planes
with no parachute
stories to tell
they tell me
that i ain’t gonna blow up
m*th*f*cka you got d*mn lie
go die
on a set of train tracks
get hit by a train
till you rip apart and your body flies
i ride
and i roll
all i wanna see is hoes
at my shows
in some sl*tty ass clothes
that’s how i roll
now bend it over
touch your toes
on the floor
now sell your soul