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lirik lagu 20k freestyle – twenty24four


i hit 20k by 18
15 rubberbanded in my d*mn sentry
3 in the savings the homie made me
i never trusted what i ain’t seen
can’t let em play me
kept a couple g’s in the whip sw*ngin
i swear i drove that sh*t to mexico
all for my lady
hard headed but the head that she gave me
made it so hard for me to be angry
so i let it go
man it’s a whole f*ckin list of sh*t
that i had to let it go
constant battles with what you want and what is better bro
but what i’m ‘posed to do when i’m attached to all i’ve ever known
my mother all in
i swear on me she bettin’ yo
and i can’t let down the people closest who always helped me grow
yea they always help me grow
but some m*th*f*ckas make it hard for you to let em know
the type to take credit for what’s been said and done
got me second guessin if they wanna see me on
givin benefits to the doubters on the low
trust’s a double edged sword that’s bound to always cut your throat
they say money is the root of all evil
they say money changes all types of people
but my money sent my mother right back to her people
and money only amplifies the envy that breeds you
i swear i look at most people and they see through
every word i speak should come with a needle
the sh*t i spit is sick enough to leave you with measles
said the sh*t i spit is sick enough to leave you with measles
m*th*f*ckas chumps
straight like that
only time i fabricate
is when i’m bitin through her denim
i tell her start spinnin
show that thing in the back
i swear shorty got a lot to be proud for
i swear we done fought so much i can’t count score
when i’m feelin low who goin hold me higher ?
that’s when they raise they hand
like they give a d*mn
but they liars
i swear i thought i had my whole team figured out
m*th*f*ckas hate to see you up
they’ve always seen you down
now they steady feastin’
while you ain’t eat in weekends
you don’t need no handouts
but “would you like a seat?”
would be decent
soon as you get your fork and knife
they start beefin
flipping sh*t
and sh*ttin bricks
like “why the f*ck he eatin?”
it hurts givin your all
and they don’t even give a f*ck if you breathin
you gotta know that you can’t force relationships
if we fam , we fam
we goin share this handkerchief
and if we don’t speak
then it’s not beef
just know
i don’t even really pay attention kid
and do us both a favor
keep my name out your mouth
and if you really felt offended
then you prolly who this bout