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lirik lagu gift & curse – twondon


my n-gg-s rise the [?] homicide
known in time that we grind
just to double our dollar signs
better believe it, no n-gg-s who play the corner
way better than revers
praying to jesus with jesus pieces on top they fleeces
they live in peace that these presents they got they name on them
never gave a f-ck ’cause what they spray
gonna lift that chain off them
proceed with caution, i’m strategizing, know n-gg-s with iron
they want a piece of mine, well a piece of mind i’m still finding
no lying, mama’s crying, cold n-gg-s run at night
with a pair of dice, hoping that this sh-t show us paradise
over pair of nice,
legs to bads i walk through the streets
because all white cortez sneaks keep my sight from complete
you got me, move where the sunny, get chubby
that’s been my main goal
but lit cigars and cars, all of my chains go
i paint the picture for n-gg-s who couldn’t see my vision
i’m baskin’ out on these verses
with this curse i was given, n-gg-

yes i wanna talk about twondon
n-gg-s ain’t ready for us man
it’s uppercl-ss man, we’re coming through
we’re doing this sh-t long term man
stand on our grind, staying prayed up
free all my n-gg-s till they come out man
now n-gg-s know what it is man
we just wanna get this bread
stay shining, feed the fam, man
we was just like y’all, man
why the f-ck y’all n-gg-s hating on us, man
n-gg-s got the game f-cked up

being broke consistently just building my misery
stack centuries, until my pockets banking like k!ller be, sh-t
causing rockets for duckets, sleeping with empty stomachs
got my mind embedded for letters
to cut lexes and homus
benzes and bracelets,
i’m giving my jesus pieces face lifts
like kardashians, n-gg-s will call me dashin’ in
and i’m crashing it while b-mp in omatic
hoping i’m just this cl-ssic
pops he left me a b-sset
bad habits left mama damage
but still i manage to manage
to be my mama’s bandage
i paint my canvas for my west it’s been n-gg-s and bandits
waving tats for respect bringing static with automatics
i got different motives to drive motives, weaving through traffic
we’re living lavish, these b-tches cherishing your presence
satisfying your fetish
and gs is dough, that sh-t is epic
they’re showing textes
paint pictures if you can’t see my vision
i’m war haul on this sh-t with this gift that i was given, n-gg-

yeah n-gg-, this what we do right here
eat, sh-t, sleep and hustle my n-gg-
we stay on our grind b
all we do it for the more -ss sippers
the strippers and the drug dealers, n-gg-
come on man, real recognize real n-gg-
we stay in our lane, you stay in yours, b
you get your paper, we get ours, man
y’all n-gg-s know what the f-ck it is man
come on b, i ain’t even playing with y’all n-gg-s no more

poverty stricking, got christ in sin and i’m stacking millions
for skyscr-pers buildings, maybach curtains with gl-ss ceilings
don’t know the feeling, trying to exhale when you living through h-ll
so n-gg-s sell to leave a theme, he’s frozen like veil for real
to living lavish in paris, i’m focused on this cabit
tell them coping homes out in rome and our mind we seize italian
i’m styiling
bringing a rack from jerse up take a bet
to mo ties, a bowties, i’m on these n-gg-s neck
get checked, like nike movements i do it
i cut my wrist to hear the melody
my soul in this music for real
hang out in trenches smoke budha till i’m senseless
politic by riches, good commas, and help us dodge a sentence
no need for presents and intentions
get rich or sh-t that’s written
from project building to castles millions, feel what i’m painting
write how they feeling, paint pictures if you can’t see my vision
i’m pic-sso, this gift and a curse that i was given, n-gg-

oh man, y’all n-gg-s should know what it is now, b
we kicking down doors when we come through, n-gg-
we ain’t knocking, we ain’t ringing door bells, n-gg-
we ain’t even hopping the windows
we kicking down doors n-gg-
uppercl-ss crew n-gg-, twondon, native joe, freak
dollar sign don, supreme k will n-gg-
and yours truly, mouth buggy, we out!