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lovagain - tyga lyrics



[verse 1]
i think i started something
new chick, just started f-cking
kinda early but i know we both love it
we both rushing
we can add t-tles but then we both cuffing
rolling in the sheets until midnight moaning
i’mma go down south, then call it [?]
p-ssy pink like like a lotus
i’mma eat it good like something out of lars
i’m all good like a summer day
blowing out the cake, blowing novocaine
she really shouldn’t but she pr-ne to the lifestyle
tac, ecstasy, in the white cells
can you hear me now? can you hear me now?
baby pick up
heard she with some n-gg-s, ballplayers, playing pickup
my pretty little princess, now she promiscuous
supposed to be my misses, out here f-cking n-gg-s
i ain’t tripping, i’mma get another b-tch
i don’t mean the sh-t, it’s too hard to end the sh-t
i’d rather stay than call it quits
and now we fall in love again

[verse 2]
real n-gg- got hoes on my d-ck, oh
couldn’t see ’em, love how my eyes closed
now i see ’em, ain’t nothing worth it though
rather be with you than out here a lonely soul
on the road, entertainment hoes
b-tches i don’t know tweeting from their camera phones
man this sh-t getting old
i just hope we still involved

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