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lirik lagu maybe – tyga



b-tch i’m the sh-t
bi-b-tch i’m the sh-t
repeat it to yo b-tch, tell yo b-tch i’m the sh-t
im so dis-disrespectful, ask them b-tches that you next to
prolly hit it if i met you,
i dont remember none of yall names
this aint legal in yall state
this that firearm, that cherry bomb, i light it in yo face.
mr. eddison, i put it on
that jury in my state, now your vision gone.
my bad my dog, i’m sippin on that case
might go corozone my face
watch yo step n-gg-,
what you deaf n-gg-, dont you ever greet me with yo f-ckin left n-gg-
thang it up, i can spot you way quicka
im in that fashion district polo f-ck that hilfiger.
maybe you some bullsh-t and i talk that real sh-t
im bout to hit that kill switch and burn this b-tch like chile
im illa-est so evident, i just threw my evidence.
in the crowd i dont give a sh-t, too many people just got them tips.
im hoggin, slim skinny n-gg- dope ballin
pay cash for the cash man ralph lauren carlton
you’re just a square in the office
arlis ima need agent i’m spading
big donky b-tt
she can be my target
i pinned the tail
i did it well
well done
so applaud me
this beat got me jogging
easy for a cave man
im inline you talkin
cooler than my ray bans
darker shades rain man
get the cash rain man
killa j’s sp-ce jam
the motherf-ckin son of sam
pull up in the all white ice box
hottest out the sweat shop
pull a bear mink out
im the motherf-ckin truth
you aint noticed what i do
you don’t do this how i do
i be rollin 3×2
yes that beat enough this spoof
i got that photoproof
photobooth no photoshop
redbean i’m super hot
wait till my alb-mout
i’m true.