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lirik lagu tyga montana – tyga


“tyga montana”

tyga montana [x3]
hahaha [-laughs-]
tyga montana [x3]

uh… tyga montana got a white b-tch name hannah
she giggin’ off my gramma’ pop that t-ttie called that sh-t janet

i’m on straight goose tropicana
hoes like i’m santa
she jimmy chooed no sandals
flippin’ b-tches like they all channels uh…

one hand on my handle,
hammertime then i’m dancin’
got real hawks in atlanta
scar yo face for that mansion uh…
tell her bounce, she prancin’
what’s that polka dots on yo panties?
poo-poo da boss, tony danza
no you lazy n-gg-s can’t stand me

we got 4 doors and more wh-r-s,
2 doors that’s short dwarf
fee raw ree red horse and act a -ss do eeyore
he-haw my engine roar,
half a mil when i finish tour
last kings imma order more
my watch brand you can’t afford ha…

all good do it biggie gravy plate me baby born i look so asian
all my b-tches early 80’s; 80’s swag speed racer through my shades i see yo fakeness uh…
hoes gone be hoes can’t save a f-cking bithces simotaneous
albanian, israeli, panamanian, ukrainian
giving dome top cranium ha…

-ss shots jeans like she painted them
t-raw n-gg-s tryna favor him (well done)
you can pay for it tho
last kings; ymcmb ha…
let me, let me do that a little better ha… [-laughs-]

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