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lirik lagu lipstick wonder woman – tyler bryant & the shakedown


skip school, quit your job only a fool would miss this kind of occasion
rock you dancing shoes, hollywood blues
take a permanent vacation

let your hair down, spin around downtown
give me that kiss amaze me
well everybody needs a little bit of love
and a night that’s a little bit crazy

take my hand, take my heart now honey, my super lady
lick your lips, shake your hips, we on the flip side
come on pretty mama amaze me
everybody needs a woman like that, with a kiss she saves the day
if ever i’m in trouble, she’s a running on the double
with her lipstick wonder woman ways

black boots, white jeans, so tight, just right and oh so mean
she moves fast in her pink sungl-sses and busts out of that limousine
the party scene was just getting b-mping, and she’s taking over me
the stereo’s up, so let’s get down
the hero and the villain believe