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lirik lagu hear me now – tyler joseph


oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah

[verse 1]
words of mine
words of yours
confusing rhymes
and confusing wars
between words of love
and words of hate
wars of dreams
and wars of fate

[verse 2]
once again i step inside my shoes
a battle now for every single thing i do
and i don’t care because i don’t have a clue
i seem to close all the windows in my room
that tell me how i am comfortable inside this broken, tainted, skin that i’m in
i can’t win
i need you to break me up, break me down to the sound
so i can pray that somebody hears me now
just pray that someone hears me now

[verse 3]
there was a moment in my life
where i thought that you were gone
and every moment of my life
was just a pretend fake, so

i go to sleep every night
i should be good at it by now
but very lonely is tonight
and time stands still
so now i try to picture you with all the kingdom i can’t find
fighting, grabbing, turning to you with this little mind
i think i saw the kingdom gate, this feeling i must keep
walking closer, crack the door and then i fall asleep
because every time i think i see your face it fades away
and turns to gray then i pray you save the day
anyhow, i just pray that someone hears me now

oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
lets pray someone hears me now