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lirik lagu her – tyler, the creator



(it’s this girl)
she lives next door
to the store that i loiter at
we talk every night, she cry to me about her guy
and if we text, i get p-ssed when i get no reply

(it’s this girl)
i know that she’s the key to love
she is who i’m thinking of when i am beating richard up
the mental images her face looked
the closest that i got was when i’m poking her on facebook

(this girl)
video chats are so exciting,
cause it’s like she is inviting me to her world full of privacy
i’m getting g-ssed up, i think she’s liking me
she’s gullible, and i just wanna take it like a pirate (aargh)

(this girl)
i see her in cl-ss
not really two doors down, but any time that i p-ss
to take a p-ss in a stall, i picture us in the hall
locking lips on the wall, her hand grabbing my d-ck
my left hand on her t-ts, aw my sh-t’s getting hard
some thoughts of dating this b-tch

(it’s this girl)
her name is my p-ssword (…f-ck)

(this girl)
all my n-gg-s got they b-tches and stuff
but all the b-tches, they f-ck
are known as b-tches and sl-ts
but she’s special, i know to ya’ll i come off as rough
but i’m the nicest to her, and i just want to concur
a relation, i want the cheesy dates at the movies
and stupid walks at the beach, and sharin’ straws in a cup
i never had that, so when we holdin’ hands walkin’ home
i look past that, the fact she’s f-cking guys that i hate

(this girl)
things are looking great, cut copy
last time that we talked, she said her relationship was rocky
now that mr. f-g is gone, there’s no one that can stop me
from bagging her, i got these tickets to the roxy

(this girl)
next day, metro’s taking me home
i see her in a cut at wendy’s, but she’s not alone
who’s that guy, wait, why the f-ck he ’bout to kiss her?
come to find out she got back with her… n-gg-…

(it’s this girl) [x2]
she’s so pretty, f-ck self pity, i feel so sh-tty
i wanna text her in a jealous rage, but if she replied
or say anything, i’mma smile, i know

what do i do with myself? sit in my room for some days
play xbox with piles full of wet socks, f-ck that

(this girl)

my n-gg- asked “ace, what happened to such and such?”
i could slander her name, and then, tell em’ i probably f-cked
or i could tell em the truth and say she didn’t like me much
but instead i lie and say she moved to nebraska…

(it’s this girl…)



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