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lirik lagu midnight funkathon – prelude – tyler, the creator



h*llo, motherf*ckers
welcome to the midnight funkin’ out with d.j. put*it*in*ya*mouth
tonight i plan on playing all of the… the*the songs that get you in the mood with the…
fat b*tch, with no… t**th, and the weave, with the flat ass and the
stretch marks on her nipple and welfare
with a different color weave in her hair
p*ssy smell like, uh… a cook out
but, um… on another note
i just wanna hope everybody had a good holiday
got* we got christmas coming up, hope everybody spending well with their f*cking family motherf*ckers
you know, i don’t got no motherf*ckin’ family, i was adopted twice
so, my uncle molested me when i was six
on a different note, i hope everybody enjoy the f*cking music
odd future
die, b*tch, die…
see tyler, the creator live
get tickets as low as $187

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