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lirik lagu 03. i geuss i smoke – typhus


shit ….dam man are you good, am good man

verse 1 word ain gonna be the same when i start to smoke man/
everybody in the building wanna do what i do so its better if i capture this moment/

where the hell have you been i have been walking around sagging my pans until they hit the ground am never gonna leave the building cause everybody is here and its all good/

you gonna need you’re hoer/ ‘
cause mine is not with me no more/
i don’t know what happened
everybody telling me that shes with a drug dealer/
so i look up in the mirror/
saw my mother yapping and deggiling, mumbling
grumbling, dumpling, jumbling, she doesn’t know what am doing and i told her this

so i guess i smoke, i guess i smoke/
smoke so i guess i smoke, so i guess i/
so i guess i, smokex3

verse 2

change my world and i change the game/
this thing ain gonna be the same its better if you sit down
nigga let me teach you how to do this thing nigga on you’re ground
ain gonna play around/
people keep talking/ people keep stalking/ but i keep walking
back with the black track/ keep moving like a rail of a train track so its better if you playback nigga/
now everybody wanna rap like me nigga/
k!lling the beat/
am smoking the weed/
am planting the seed/
am holding the heat/

am pushing strait to the limit/
am never gonna stop till you fill it/
i got no money/
i got no chain/
you blow my high inside my brain/
let me smoke again

and the nigga like whaaat
give it up for the new kid/

nigga give me some space i wanna try something knew everybody is just dying to listen/
am gonna run this city forever/
let the ghetto listen to me man forever/
never gonna stop until you all get it all/
till you get it all/
the road is still long man am never gonna fall/

listen to me/
everybody that smokes now crawl on your knees
am not gonna leave until you’re grabbing you’re trees/
doesn’t matter what it is just slice it role it smoke and fly/
people want to die but they never get high/
smoking weed is the only way i will die/
p-ss me the weed/let me get treated/
no medication man i don’t need it/

this thing never k!lled no body, still insane with the same all buddies/people wanna sue use and people want to k!ll us/they say we drug dealers “ let us smoke”

so i guess i smoke, i guess i smoke/
smoke so i guess i smoke, so i guess i/
so i guess i, smokex3