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lirik lagu electrixkzs chair music – tyrint tm


have a seat
let me strap you in
keep your feet on the ground
close your eyes
less mess no stress
now let me pull the switch!
this electric chair music
yea, this electric music
shockin ain’t it?
electrifying, like some lightning
this is tyrint, sickoes sell n-gga

[verse 1]
no one is as dope as us
sickoes got them throwing up
blowing up
they’re never controlling us
they’re like belts, they just want to hold us up
you know what?
when you know your drunk
i feel like the only sober one
holding cups
full of orange punch
but i dont care i know too much
to go corrupt
my flow is tough
so anything that can slow me up
disadvantage, i dont want none
electric chairs
next to your ears
pleasure and ecstasy scare me
never ever near me
audio dope exists
and yea i think its this
make no sense to make some cents
thinking sh-t, this place is big
floating out in sp-ce again
i dont draw blood, so theres nothing you can trace him with
lasers rip
your skin apart, pick it up, try saving it
for later, sick
rusty razorblades and tattoos
throwing my anger at you
she’s making faces at me
replacements a stranger, thats you?
how’d i become unfamiliar?
let me live, they want to k!ll ya
listen, i could jump a building
tupae the roof, donald trump the ceiling ahh
a thousand volts run through my veins
now im sparking to my brain
im just walking through the pain
when it was dark, i grew my fangs
more styles than a black girls hair appointment
live or die, prepare a coin flip
i say if your scared, enjoy it
im just saying fear is joyous
women are fake sometimes, dont go marrying a mirage
for, dancing and an applause
and, cans and sh-t on a car
you, barely spittin a bar
this, hate is tearing me apart
clearly, im living alongside a charity, giving my all
my insanity driven along roads
could carry me far
x marks the spot, and i think somebody buried me drugs
thought i was totally wasted, all these shots im taking in these bars
shows you how i feel about n-ggas mistaking me for soft
so powerful if i dont like the weather ill take the season off
the calender, my calibur could make them just scream and off
they go into the universe, infinite journey arriving
at the end of the galaxy, victories if we strive it
if i dont like your speaking, im giving it completely silence
you mask your fate?
decapitate me, just to crown me sn-tch the crown
and pull the switch down
yea, pull the switch down
this electric chair music
this electric chair music
shocking ain’t it?
frightening ain’t it?
like lightning ain’t it?
aye this electric chair music
sickoes sell n-gga