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before it started - tyrone wells lyrics


watching you from a distance
beautiful from afar
watching you watching me
can you see my scars?

dressing up in broken armor
i’m trying not to fall apart
i think i am afraid to see
how fragile we are

like life when it shatters
like hope when it matters

i know you never meant to hurt me
you don’t even know you broke my heart
i can’t see past it, i can’t let it go

i never found the words to tell you
before i had the courage you were gone
i can’t see past it, i can’t let it go

i hear you when the world is silent
you’re coming through crystal clear
i hear you and i know you hear me
somewhere, somewhere

where the wall gives way to the water flowing
through the cracks and the veins ’til the path starts showing
how fragile we are

it was over before it started
you were gone before you came
i was lost before you found me
now i’m lost, i’m lost again

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