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lirik lagu mafo – tyson james


i don’t got no time for the games
i’m a christian but don’t test me, i don’t play
i heard that you believe in him, do you obey?
all my brothers ten toes down and this the gang
mess around and find out this christian don’t play

[verse 1]
mess around and find out
i got the hands homie, lights out
trannies with guns better pipe down
i’m a man of god, i ride with the 9 out
i am a christian but i ain’t no punk
i don’t smoke weed and i never get drunk
but i will proceed to defending myself if i need
i won’t turn the cheek if you want funk (real talk)
country boy from the dirt now
turn up for god
homie, why would i turn down?
had to break ties with the world
didn’t work out
i’m giving my all to the king ’til i burn out (6 feet)
belief without works is a thin sheet
why you can’t see? clayton bigsby
you a christian but act like a pipsquеak

[verse 2]
man, i ain’t playing no games
get out my way, i got road rage
hollеr, be calling us snowflakes
going to church all your life but got no gains
your engine is off, turn it back on
if you got a problem, put wraps on
get your scr*p on, get your tap on
get it before you pass on
you better catch on, this life
so mess around and find out
i’m sober, it’s over, you dry mouth
what you do in this life is a try out
and you better give it your all ’til you sign out
look, i used to be a big dummy
did it, lived a life full of crime
living my life in my prime
sorry i ain’t got the time
i ain’t casting my pearls on the swine

[chorus x 2]



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