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lirik lagu 10 toes down – tywan bell


ighttttt lets get it
in this generation you got bosses and you got leaders
a boss, they gon’ tell you what to do of course
a leader they gon’ lead the way

so think of it like this, when you see pack of wolves
why is the alpha always at the back?

y’all don’t get it?
even though he’s leading, he’s protecting his own

they said, “ty you gotta lead the way”
so i took responsibility and now i hold the weight up on my back wit’ commitment
while i’m rapping, writing verses tryna make a difference
after goin’ thrift shopping, that’s my bum appearance
but i’m still confident in my own skin

i don’t care about having fancy clothes or ya new benz
only thing that come wit’ that is money, hoes, and fake friends
i could’ve sugarcoated, but i hate to pretend or fabricate a life that i’m living
still pushing the same yota through my city
double o wit’ double 12’s in the trunk bumping out some truth
that i made inside the booth, as i’m working on a beat that’s my blueprint

now they asking questions like, how i do this?
but this ain’t nothing new, but a different day
plus i used my trials and tribulations and my dedication
just to make a way in a world that i was bullied all my life
instead of fighting back i grabbed a knife in hope that i can take the pain away

but i transformed the same pain into something positive
that was safe for the eco*system
but they say i’m on a paper trail heading to the digits
but not a single comma can change the way i’m feeling
same n*gga, never changed, but i kept on elevating to my destination on that top floor
as i try to open doors for my people living in the system
and can not seem to find a way out
life’s a gamble, so i’m moving like it’s chess, call me the male harriet
this the underground route when moving unorthodox is common
wit’ my 3rd eye open

spitting knowledge, non*profit
f*ck the revenue i’m not crazy, but they view me as a walking target
just saying that left my heart racing pushing on my chest plate
wit’ adrenaline running through my veins to my brain as i have my words executing

but y’all can have the paparazzi and flexing
while i master music, making a masterpiece
at this point in time i gotta find my inner peace and calm
my inner beast before i dive into a feast

’cause every single verse is like a murder*spree letting loose straight emotions
hoping that i can change at least someone life for the better
no devil sh*t, but i give my soul to the world that was corrupted by negativity
but i hate to say, i gotta go

“tywan you gotta get back to the next generation”
so i leave this message
tywan bell x mit