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lirik lagu the abyss gazing back – uada


in the light of lucifer’s fire i am but a shadow of god:
no sanctity below, nor divinity behind
cast out; fallen and risen, here is where i continue my maraud:
for all within ourselves is what we must find
grandest gateways illuminate before me, through my own embodiment of thought:
expanding endlessly in the caverns of the mind

lower me into your deepest depths so that i may know what to rise upon:
let us ascend beyond the seraph’s site
night fall beneath our hooves to heave us into the highest echelon:
darkest chasm shine forever bright
it is here where providence is provided by all within the pantheon:
so shall we be no longer devoid of light

stare into me
as i have stared into you
shift us towards infinity
dark matter guide us through

unto the adumbral portal
awaiting the end to begin
where the lifeless become immortal
the only way out is in

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