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lirik lagu hank williams jr. freestyle – ugly god


yeah you feel me?
young ugly god
i wanna let y’all know i’m on a k!ll streak for having the worst freestyles
so i’m gonna continue this k!ll streak
keep it goin’, let’s keep it goin’
cook, i rap about some country sh-t too?
whatever you wanna do
ugly god is here, cruz show, power 106
huh, ayy, this that, this that real country sh-t right here
ayy, ayy

okay i’m ridin’ on my horse
i can’t talk, i’m ho-rs-
i might f-ck your b-tch, it’s not forced
and i spit flames like a torch
red on my shirt
my pockets got dirt, huh
see that b-tch, i flirt, huh
i’m sellin’ that work, huh
i’m flippin’ them bricks, huh
i’m hittin’ them licks, huh
i’m lickin’ them t-ts, huh
i’m freakin’ your b-tch, ayy
and i’m in the country
and i got him in the front seat
i might eat her booty like lunch meat
i might punch him if he touch me
yeehaw, yeehaw, yeehaw, yeehaw