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lirik lagu intro (freestyle) – ugly god


(don’t do that peter)

(freestyle: ugly god)
i spend a check on my neck
i got your b-tch dripping she wet
drip, splash
n-gg- please don’t disrespect
my n-gg-s they gripping them tec’s
i pull up and pick up that check
i go to your crib i put my d-ck in your sister
your b-tch on my line i pull up and i drill her
don’t dm me n-gg- don’t hit me on twitter
d-mn, i am the g.o.a.t admit it
i f-ck on your b-tch cause she wit’ it
these n-gg-s so broke i don’t get it
the f-ck?
i need me a milli’ let’s get it i always say i need a milli’
i probably won’t stop till i cop me a milli’
when i touch a milli’ i cop me a bentley
so let me stack up cause my pockets look empty
you n-gg-s and b-tches irrelevant
i need me that check i pay h-lla rent
my pockets thicker than the elephant
i do this rap sh-t for the h-ll of it
2016 yes i need to be president
b-tch i’m the sh-t i came up and it’s evident
don’t call me bro n-gg- we’re not relatives
you n-gg-s is snakes
yuh, snakes
these b-tches is fakes
yuh, fake
i see that you hate
ya, ya
i count up this cake
count up this cash
you savin these hoes lil n-gg-
i cannot relate
ya, cannot relate
girl get you a cape
yuh, ya
say hey to my tape
ya, d-mn

(i love you peter)