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lirik lagu stop smoking black & milds* – ugly god


from snippet:

stop smoking black and milds with your country -ss
you got sh-t around your mouth with your crusty -ss
you need to go and take a bath with your musty -ss
you need to scrub between your -ss with your dusty -ss

b-tch your house got roaches, i ain’t going, b-tch i can’t
last time we spoke, i spelled your breath, it made me faint
b-tch i hopped up in your honda civic, all i smelled was paint
i waited 30 minutes for a jump so we could quake
you can’t smoke no black and milds and be a fan of me
they ain’t your hair i know its weave, b-tch stop playing with me
i heard your mama kicked you out, b-tch you ain’t staying with me
we coolin’ now, but b-tch in public you ain’t friends me
b-tch your honda struggling with them dents all in the back
you can hit that head, but i won’t let you hit no black
you ain’t cl-ssy, you ain’t sh-t, but a hood b-tch
why you spent your last dollar on that wood tip
stop smoking black and milds, b-tch you nasty
how you smoke them blacks, but acting like you cl-ssy
why you smoke them blacks, b-tch you unattractive
stop smoking