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lirik lagu 1780 – umbra et imago


january 27th, 1756, 8 p.m.: mozart is born
september 1761: mozart composes his first minuet
august 28th, 1777: mozart is dismissed from archiepiscopal service
august 4th, 1782: mozart gets married to constanze
may 1st, 1786: mozart composes “die hochzeit des figaro”
august 11th, 1787: mozart composes “eine kleine nachtmusik”
october 29th, 1787: mozart composes “don giovanni”
1788: the beginning of mozart’s slow illness
january 2th, 1790: the premiere of “cos㬠fan tutte”
january 5th, 1791: mozart plays his final piano concert
beginning of december 1791: mozart is beginning to compose the requiem
december 5th, 1791: mozart dies shortly before 1 a.m.
1985: rock singer falco sings rock me adameus
february 7th, 1989: rock singer falco dies in a car crash
1999: mozart sings rock me adameus in memory of falco